Monday, October 5, 2009

I Fuck Both The Wet Lady And Her Hair

It was a long rainy day on mid July, I stayed single in my cosine’s place at a remote village in Bengal. All the family members have gone for attending a function to another district and expected to come by next morning. I started thinking how to pass that long time in such remote place with no one in the two-storied bunglow. By searching, I found the old gramophone of my maternal grand father in a good condition and some long-playing records of classical music and I decided to spend the entire time by listen to some good ragas on ‘Varshat’.

After finishing my lunch in afternoon, I start listening some music, and then suddenly I heard somebody knocking at the back door next to the garden. First, I could not hear anything as it was raining heavily outside. When I open the door, to all my surprise I found that the sweet sexy maid of that house, the lady with gorgeous long black hair at her mid twenty, Radha, stands in front of me with all her body soaked with rain and left nothing to imagine about her strongly build voluptuous sexy body.

She smiled at me with some erotic gesture and entered the room keep me guessing all about her intentions. When she passed my way to get through the door, I got the erotic smell from her long wet hair, which she let open to dry. I got a slight bulge under my white shots. It just ignite the beast within me as I grew desire to have her. After a while to enjoy the heavy rain outside, I started listening some classical music on ‘Mallar raga’ on an old gramophone and I just begun to imagining that I’m submerged to her volumes long, oily hair and breathing in the erotic smell of her oily, sweaty hair with immense passion.

Of late, I found her becomes busy with some household work. It’s nearly one hour since she entered the room and unlike other days she become intentionally sloppy to finish her work, which sends some hints to my imagination. While sitting over the sofa, I asked her to have some tea for me. To my utter shock, she simply asked me to come to the kitchen and have the tea by myself, as she was busy with her own work. I surprised to observe the audacity of the maid. In other days, in presence of the other family members, she never replied to me in such an authoritative manner. It seems she is fully aware of my horny situation and enjoying my interest for her though tills then I’ did not show any interest on her. It seems as if she is predicting the outcome of that romantic rainy afternoon.

When I stepped in to the kitchen, I found she was busy for nothing but oiling her long, thick, black hair. Each of the strands of hair soaked with oil and she keeps a dangerous smile at me. That made me a instant turn on but still I show no interest on her. I asked firmly, "Can I have a cup of hot tea?" She said, "Why you need to have hot tea when you already hot?” At first, I fumbled to answer her bold question. Then I gained confidence to answer her and said, “If you can read my status, then I need something hotter than hot tea!! Will you help me?” She shyly giggled to my answer, turn back to me, and once again busy oiling her hair. I simply come close on to her back and murmured to her ear, “Can I help you by oiling your hair?” She suddenly become shy to answer me and hugged me to hide her face under my chest. I smelled her heavily oiled hair touching my chin and put my nose to her open volume of long thick hair. I felt her voluptuous virgin body shivers on imagining a sexual encounter.

Her skin glows like a brownish chocolate with almost a sculpture like body hiding beneath a wet transparent sari. Without saying a word, I rolled all her hair to her back and keep adding more oil to it until it become dripping with oil. Then I began messaging her neck, back and spine with excess oil but intentionally not touching her secrets. I felt every part of her slippery, oily skin shivers with pleasure under my messaging fingers. After a good message, she starts moaning with pleasure and starts kissing me, creasing me as heard as she can, …….. oh God, she literately stars licking every inch of my body. She suddenly caught my erection in her hand over my shorts. I looked at her with false anger but she giggled and opened my zip. A fully erect man hood just become more erectile in front of a heavily oiled lady. With a smile on her face, Radha, keeps striking my erection which made me mad on pleasure. I asked her to stop doing such as I also want to enjoy with her body before I succumbed to pleasure.

I took her to the leaving room and let her body roll over the long sofa. I found her horny with the rain soaked sari still draping lower portion of her body while only an wet yellow blouse not enough to hide her firmly build boobs. I then freed her boobs from the cover of wet right blouse without opening her sari completely. She pulled me over her body to hide her nakedness with my body. Then I started kissing her body, sucking every drop of salty sweat from her skin. I placed my nose over her hairy armpit and the strong erotic odor made me all crazy. I start licking her armpit like a mad. While I am busy with licking her armpits, my hands rolled over her farm boobs and I felt the nipples become more erect in response to my touch. I started creasing and sucking her boobs with all pleasure. Meanwhile she tied her oily hair to a big bun and I found her hair bun dipping with excess oil. I grab the oily bun with my palm and pulled her head down to my nose to smell the erotic smell of her wet oily hair. Oh. God! I become mad by experiencing such exciting feelings of long oily hair over my body. Then Radha, on guessing my desire, opened her long oily hair and spread all over my sweaty body. The sensual feeling of her long oily hair over my naked skin keeps me over the heaven for a while. Simply , it become irresistible for me to bear any more and suddenly I get up to my feet’s and by leaning to her, placed my lips to be locked under her lips. As I start sucking her lips, my other hand in search of pure honey from the human honeycomb. When I finally finished my little search, I inserted my middle finger to test the amount of honey it gathers and to my right imagination, I found her filled with lots of sexy secretion right from the walls of her V. Then I entered anther finger to her and she cried out on pleasure and murmured on sexy voice to my ears, “ Please come over me as I can’t wait further”. I replied “Don’t hurry dear, still I have other pleasure to give you” By saying so, I pulled her wet sari from her knee to her west and her juicy pussy right in front of my thirsty tongue. Then I pulled her outer lips and inserted my tongue right to her honeycomb to drink the erotic nectar of her. She began to moan vigorously and uncontrollably which brings my hold to its limit. Then by changing the position, I climbed to her and inserted my erection deep inside her. She began to scream on immense pleasure while I was stroking to her with my nose again placed to her oily bun. The slippery feeling of her heavily oiled hair to my nose, to my face and the slippery feeling of her wet pussy against my erection just explode together after a while and I feel, I go to come… Suddenly I changed my position and placed my exploding erection against her oily bun and finally I come all over her oily hair. It was a huge cum and all the white thick discharge of my cum glitters all over her oily, glossy, black hair, it was so erotic to describe. I surprised to observe , she become happy to have my ejaculation all over her hair and she began to massage her oily hair once again with my cum.

I looked out of the windows of the room, I found the dusk began to set in the evening sky, the air heavy with moist of rain though the rain stopped outside. Radha get ready to go for her own home somewhere at nearby village but already it’s too late for a lady to be alone in the dark evening of the village and I urged her to stay back. She agreed after a little hesitation, as her father, the only other family member of her house was not here for tonight. I thanked God for the unprecedented opportunity offered to me. Then Radha turned towards me and grab me to her chest with her strong arms, pressed my mouth against the middle of her blouse-covered boobs and murmured huskily to my ears, “For you, I become late and unable to go to my home. If I shall stay here tonight, I shall punish you like this all the night. Will you like me to stay back or I shall move for my home?” On reply, I just slipped out of her grip and placed my lips against her deep naval and parted a massive sucking kiss, she giggled and perhaps got the reply from my end.

It was just seven at the evening and we have at least fourteen to fifteen hours in our hand to complement each other with immense pleasure of lovemaking.

Radha then went for having a bath as she need to be fresh before cooking the dinner for two of us as I went out of the house to have chicken from the nearby market. When I returned, I found her wearing a red silk sari with matching blouse. She was looking beautiful at her gorgeous 23. She smiled and replied that sometimes she keeps some of her dressing to this house. She bathed with her hair wet and let her hair open to dry. I could smell the sweet smell of Jasmine oil from her hair, her fore head with a large bindi of red vermilion. With her glossy chicks and juicy lips, she looks splendid. I got closed to her and wrap her with my arms strongly. She pushed me with false anger and reminded to enjoy for the whole night, not now as she become busy on cooking. I let her go for cooking the chicken curry and roti for dinner. But time to time, I become attracted towards kitchen like a magnet and keep disturbing her some times by holding her tight or by holding her hair and making long braid out of it. Then I made a superb braided bun out of her volumes oily hair and she keep praising for my good hair work.

At about 10, we finished our dinner and with respect to a village, it’s already late night.

After finishing my dinner, I went for a stroll in the backyard, found it slippery with rainwater and decided to keep inside the living room and enjoy a smoke. Suddenly, I realized, I neither hard nor seen Radha for almost half an hour. I searched every room in the ground floor and found her nowhere. I called by her name, but she did not reply. Then I turned towards to big staircase and began to move upstairs. Then I reached central hall , I found a dim bluish light emerging from a corner bedroom. Cautiously I approached towards the room crossing the massive central hall.

The room is in the southeastern corner of the haveilly and facing towards an open vast lake, having a superb attached balcony. I found Radha, laying over the big master bed, dimming light makes her appear like a supernatural … her body vivid, naked only with the cover of her own long oily hair. I stood spellbound for a while. As if a moon stuck, I entered the room without making any noise put my lips on her back and place a kiss to her curvy spine. She giggled with pleasure and her curves become more pronounced. The she stood up and with a comb, brushed her heavily oiled hair and tied a sexy bun. While doing the hair, her boobs become open in front of me and I start sucking without any inhibition. She the turned my lie over my back and got up to me.. pressed her body over mine while I moaned with pleasure. She grabbed my erection out of my pajama and placed against her hot, wet pussy and began to move her hips. Steadily, my entire erection emerged deep inside her. She then start breathing heavily gesturing for an orgasm. I didn’t waste a moment and changed my position to place my ever thirsty tongue to her wet pussy. The pungent smell of the pussy made me mad and I keep stroking deep inside her with my tongue. Then she explodes with an orgasm and began to leak heavily. I determined not to waste a single drop, drink up to a cup of slippery juice and all consumed through my throat. Mean while, she got my phallus over her mouth and began to suck vigorously. With immense pleasure, I began to moan and within a while I felt that I was coming. I tried to get rid of her sucking mouth and want to ejaculate once on her hair, but this time, she holds me on the mouth and started drinking my come. I felt a downward movement of her throat swallowing my entire ejaculation. When she got up and we looked at each other’s eye for a long, we felt love for each other. She came close to my lips with opening her own lips. Still I could smell the smell of my ejaculation from her wet mouth and she could smell her juice from my mouth too. Then we start to kiss each other on mouth-to-mouth, tongue-to-tongue and teeth to teeth positions.

I don’t remember for how long we keep kissing each other, but I found her deep in sleep with all her nudity. It was almost 4.30 in the clock, the Sun still long to raise, a dim glow of light hangs over the lake beneath the sky. I get up from the bed and went to bathroom to splat a little water over my face. I went to down stars to my allocated room and began to play raga Kalyan in the Gramophone. The magical notes of Ustad Amir Khan, keep me imagining the sequences that I enjoyed for so long. The utter bliss, passion, erotic emotions keeps a superb blend of moments over my mind, which I shall never forget. I got embed in the music and suddenly felt her presence in front of me. She already from the washroom and she feel like a closing bud of lotus waiting for the Sun to rise for a full bloom. She sits beside me and keep singing the morning rage as the Sun prepares to raise over the East horizon.

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